Watch Busta Rhymes Remix ‘Mans Not Hot’ With His Own Pitch-Perfect Rendition At A London Club

It’s a running joke in certain hip-hop circles that Busta Rhymes is everywhere. For instance, the hip-hop legend is one of the genre’s remix kings, from his breakout performance on A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” to the show-stealing, tongue-twisting verse on Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now.” There isn’t much that the versatile MC can’t unleash his quick flow on — and he’s tried it all over the years. He recently showcased his skills by jumping on viral smash “Mans Not Hot” with his own rendition of the track.

Multiple fans captured footage from the London nightclub where Busta made the crowd erupt like they were at his energetic live show – before breaking into a little Patois. The clips perfectly encapsulated the pandemonium that was taking place during the scene.

“Man’s Not Hot” started as a joke from British Youtube comedian Michael Dapaah AKA Big Shaq, but gradually bloomed into an international smash. Grime has had its troubles becoming as popular in the states as it is in the UK, but displays like Busta’s show there’s a practicality for Grime to crossover. As a Jamaican-American, Busta is no doubt familiar with the West Indian influences of grime music. Maybe there will be an official studio remix featuring Busta, who could add that to the long list of remixes he’s blazed in his career.