Calvin Valentine’s ‘Supernova’ Is The Smooth Groove Your Summer Needs

In the age of the internet, new, groundbreaking music can come from literally anywhere. Gone are the days where musicians only popped up in the cities that were lucky enough the be the places where record labels decided to set up shop. Now, a song can find its way onto your iPod from an artist from Toronto, Atlanta, London, Gary, Milwaukee or even Eugene, Oregon.

Calivin Valentine has quietly emerged from Eugene, the small city about 100 miles south of Portland, as a multi-faceted threat and with a soothing track that’s perfect for summertime drives in “Supernova.” Calvin released the latest video from his project Eugene, which depicts a one-day road trip from Eugene to Los Angeles, after it premiered on MTVU over the weekend and though the project released last year it serves as one last chance for new fans to get into what he’s cooked up before he moves on to his next project.

“I had the idea of doing a road trip from Eugene to Los Angeles because the theme of the album is about my personal and creative transition,” Calvin said about the video and project. Check out Calvin Valentine’s “Supernova” video above, and the entire Eugene project below via Spotify.