Calvin Harris Added Migos To His Single With Frank Ocean And It Sounds Incredible

When the elusive R&B mastermind that is Frank Ocean finally reemerged last year his presence caused a fervor within the industry. The signing titan had come back to claim his throne and just like that, he vanished again, reappearing only to admonish the Grammys he’d purposely ignored before returning to whatever oblivion he resides in between albums.

Before his latest disappearance, Calvin Harris pulled off one hell of a coup by getting Frank on a song entitled “Slide” and now, he’s dipping his musical diamond into a vat of platinum by doing the unthinkable and adding Migos to the track. Yes, the collaboration your ears didn’t even know they wanted is apparently on the way, and by the looks of it we’re going to hear this thing soon.

Calvin previewed the track on his Snapchat by doing the classic “film the road while driving so people can hear what I’m listening to” Snap post.

He’d previously previewed the track in the same manner last month, but at the time he only played a brief snippet of Frank singing over the bounce, vibrant summer banger. Now, with Migos on “Slide” you can practically feel it owning the summer and it’s only February.