Camila Cabello Is A Guitar-Wielding Rock Star In Her ‘Never Be The Same’ Performance On “Ellen’

One thing you’ll notice about the music world: stars love crossing over. Whether it is a rapper embracing their punk side, a rock star getting a pop makeover, or a pop singer donning a cowboy hat, musicians have interests outside their primary genre, and it’s a freedom that comes with success that they are able to pursue that.

So, does that mean Camila Cabello is destined to be a rock star? Maybe not, but in her appearance on Ellen this morning, the former Fifth Harmony member showed that she is up for the task. Performing her latest hit, “Never Be The Same,” which is the follow-up single behind her monumental smash “Havana,” Cabello offered up a slow reveal. The first verse of the song is performed with the camera fixed on her face while she displays her fragile falsetto, but when the chorus kicks in, Camila the golden god takes over. Sure, she isn’t exactly shredding on her guitar, but the addition of the instrument into her repertoire gives the rendition an extra bit of punch and urgency.

Check out Camila Cabello’s “Never Be The Same” performance on Ellen above, and revisit her rendition of “Havana” on Ellen from January below. The excellent Camila is out now.