Can Apple Music Land These 10 Artists Who Aren’t On Spotify?

06.09.15 4 years ago 16 Comments

For the past four years, Spotify has been omnipresent in the music world. But the streaming service isn’t complete, as several prominent artists have some or all of their catalogs missing. Apple Music was unveiled yesterday as the latest entrant into the streaming wars, and though questions remain about the service, it has the potential to completely upend Spotify and the rest of its competitors. Anything that’s in the iTunes store is said to be available on Apple Music, which would include many of those artists not on Spotify. As of Monday night, Apple was still negotiating streaming deals with at least one of those high-powered artists: The Beatles (ever heard of ’em?). Should you switch to Apple Music? That depends on a lot of factors, but it would certainly help if they can secure these artists who’ve been kept from Spotify, or the digital realm completely.

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