‘Captain America: Civil War’ Composer Teases The Film’s New Original Score

While doing press for Pixels, Adam Sandler‘s two-birds-one-stone affront against ’80s video game nostalgia and the art of cinema, film composer Henry Jackman talked a little bit about his work on Marvel’s first film of Phase Three, Captain America: Civil War. And why wouldn’t he? In addition to scoring Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Jackman has also written music for X-Men: First Class and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackman hasn’t actually written anything for the film yet, but he’s getting ready to since it’s next on his list. He also provided the trade with a few clues about what to expect:

Jackman is preparing to work on Captain America: Civil War, and for those wanting clues as to what the film score could sound like, he suggested listening to the track “The Winter Soldier” for it’s industrial elements. He cautions it’s just a jumping off point since the Russos are looking for something new — similar with a twist.

The track in question is the sixth one listed on the original soundtrack. And since this is the Internet we’re talking about, you can find it on YouTube:

It definitely has the “industrial elements” Jackman was referring to, and if that’s what Marvel fans have to look forward to in Civil War, then they’re in for a musical treat. Sure, explosions and destroyed cities and Captain America beating on Iron Man, but the music should be pretty decent too.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)