Car Seat Headrest Drenched Frank Ocean’s ‘Ivy’ In Indie Rock Angst

Car Seat Headrest are catnip for people who look around and wonder where all of indie music’s guitars went. But far from going full Alex Turner and becoming the granddad preaching about real rock n’ roll, Will Toledo wants everyone to know that he’s into the stuff that’s taken rock’s place. Toledo played a reworked version of Frank Ocean‘s “Ivy” during a set at St. Louis’ Ready Room.

Toledo’s cover was far from straightforward. But then again, CSH are a rock band covering a song from an album that’s almost drumless. He reworked the lyrics to the Blonde track that easily could have come from an unreleased Ocean cut.

“If I could guess your password, you know I’d break in, To the empty heart that you keep my face in,” he sang in the cover. Check it out up top.

It’s not the first time that Car Seat Headrest have changed a song to fit their needs. Toledo changed the lyrics of his own record-label-poking song “Times To Die” after signing to the major-indie label Matador.

Outside of Frank covers, the up-and-coming act are definitely worth a listen. Though they didn’t make it into my recap, they were one of the most entertaining sets at Made In America and their latest album is destined to get spins well beyond 2016.

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