Car Seat Headrest Criticizes ’13 Reasons Why’ And Titus Andronicus Very Strongly Disagrees

05.01.17 12 months ago 5 Comments


Getting a spot on one of the most talked about Netflix shows of the moment seems like it would be a big deal for a rising indie band. That said, Car Seat Headrest frontman Will Toledo doesn’t seem all that thrilled about 13 Reasons Why, which features his group’s song “Oh! Starving.” In fact, he took to Twitter over the weekend to share some biting words about the controversial program, which deals with the aftermath of a high school student’s suicide.

Toledo summed up his thoughts on the show by calling it “kind of f*cked”:

“As someone who contributed to the soundtrack for ’13 Reasons Why’, I am obliged to tell you all that it’s kind of f*cked. Writers: please don’t tell kids how to turn their miserable and hopeless lives into a thrilling and cathartic suicide mission. Kids: this is not a narrative you need to subscribe to. go watch ‘Spring Breakers’ instead.”

Punk group Titus Andronicus took exception to Toledo publicly calling out the show, especially since he was paid to be a part of it. In a series of tweets beginning last night and continuing this morning, the band wrote that the world isn’t Toledo’s “private safe space” and accused him of being “selfish and typically millennial”:

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