Car Seat Headrest’s ‘I Haven’t Done Sh*t This Year’ Documentary Shows They Have Been Quite Busy

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Car Seat Headrest has one of the more interesting ascensions in recent years. The Will Toledo project, which started as a solo endeavor and only more recently evolved into a full band, earned itself a passionate cult following online (sometimes too passionate) through the whopping twelve albums they self-released on Bandcamp. Toledo eventually earned enough buzz to get signed to Matador, and now, he’s touring behind his most recent record, a 2018 re-recording of his 2014 album, Twin Fantasy. It’s certainly a fascinating story, one that’s being chronicled in a short film documentary series via Tidal, called I Haven’t Done Sh*t This Year.

Of course, that title is misleading, as 2018 has been Toledo’s biggest year as a musician yet. Twin Fantasy is his most commercially successful album yet, having peaked at No. 3 on the US Indie chart, and now he’s touring behind the record. The first part of the series was previously, and in the new second part, viewers are taken behind the scenes of the day of a show, specifically the days of the band’s sold-out July dates at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

Watch some preview clips of both episodes (or the entirety of them if you’re a Tidal subscriber) here.

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