Cardi B Reacted To Going No. 1 With ‘Bodak Yellow’ By Stunting All Over The Place

Cardi B was quite hype to find out that her single “Bodak Yellow” has finally topped the Billboard Hot 100 after a steady climb that saw it overtake the previous reigning champ, Taylor Swift and her latest hit “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Addressing her family and friends at an event to celebrate the occasion, Cardi revealed the drive that pushed her to create and promote the song that would eventually hit the top of the charts, saying, “At first, I kept coming to the label like, ‘Why is my shit not playing on the radio? I do not understand what’s going on.’ And then it’s just like, ‘You gotta keep working hard to get that big record.’ Oh, I’ma give you a record.”

“And for me do know that today I made history….b*tch,” she added with her trademark attitude.

She further thanked her friends and family for their support and assistance in taking Bodak Yellow to the top, which she said she never expected. “I never really saw that I was gonna hit No. 1, but once I was that close I was like, “Oh my god, I gotta do it.’ … Everybody says you know who your real friends is when you open a business. Well, I experienced that this week. All my friends, everybody I grew up with, my family, my gang, posted so I could go No. 1 without me even asking.”

Looks like Cardi hasn’t let the success go to her head; she remains just as humble and as boisterous as her first appearances on Love & Hip-Hop, only now she’s got the achievements to back up the big talk. As long as she stays as grounded and funny as she is now, her career stands to go a long way.