Sounds Like Kodak Black Is Remixing Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’

In a case of lyrical “rapception” — a concept within a concept within another concept — Kodak Black has apparently remixed Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” which was apparently inspired by Kodak’s “No Flockin’.” Kodak debuted his “Kodak Orange” remake with a grainy Snapchat video that was captured by DJ Akademiks and can be viewed above, courtesy of Akademiks’ Youtube.

Ironically, “Bodak Yellow” has made Cardi B the toast of New York rap and the talk of the rap internet, while Kodak’s trajectory has trended down of late. Kodak was only recently released from jail after violating house arrest earlier this year, and his social media shenanigans have caused him no end of headaches, leading to him deleting his Instagram back in June over some ill-advised comments he made regarding “dark skinned girls.” He’s also been called out online for his violent behavior towards and mistreatment of women.

Meanwhile, Cardi’s flip on his verbal cadence took her to the top of the charts, and even led to a Spanish-language remix, and was remade as a surprisingly-effective educational tool for 6th graders. But of course, the pinnacle of the song’s ubiquity may be its seemingly endless popularity with other entertainers; even Janet Jackson recently jumped on the bandwagon to cover the song on her tour, giving it an even bigger boost in the public eye.

Whether or not Kodak’s version raises his own public profile in the same manner remains to be seen, but shout-out to him for giving us one of the most interesting origin stories for a rap remix in a long, long time.