Cardi B Freaks Out Over A Handwritten Note From Bono At The Grammy Awards

Cardi B deserved more recognition at last night’s Grammy Awards. “Bodak Yellow” could have easily been nominated for Record Of The Year or Song Of The Year, but it wasn’t. She was nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance, though she ultimately lost to Kendrick Lamar for “HUMBLE.” CBS should also cut her a check for bringing the energy back up during an overall slow night, when she performed “Finesse (Remix)” with Bruno Mars and went off-script during that reading of Michael Wolfe’s Fire And Fury.

Still, Cardi had a night to remember, thanks to a surprise note from none other than Bono. Backstage at the awards show, she flashed the note on Instagram. And while the U2 frontman could have handed her a grocery list, that clearly wouldn’t have mattered, because Cardi couldn’t believe that he even recognized her. “I got a fucking note from Bono,” she says. “From Bono. B*tch, this is f*cking Bono. He knows me. He f*cking knows me, b*tch. I can’t believe it. I can’t motherf*cking believe it. Nobody talk to me now.”

So even though Cardi B didn’t technically win last night, she walked away a winner — or, as she told Jimmy Fallon recently, “I have been proven.”

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