Cardi B And Migos Celebrate Their Success On The Self-Congratulatory New Single ‘Drip’

Cardi B has a lot to be happy about right now: She’s one of the most popular artists in the world; her debut album, Invasion Of Privacy, comes out on April 6th; and she’s engaged to Offset. She and her fiancée’s group Migos teamed up for the single “MotorSport” last year, and now the gang is back together again for the latest track off of Cardi’s upcoming album, “Drip.”

On the song, Cardi B and Offset team up for the hook, “Came through drippin’ (drip drip) / Diamonds on my wrist, they drippin’ (ice).” Then Cardi begins the first verse by rapping about being successful, a common theme that runs throughout the song: “Give me little something to remember (Cardi!) / Tryna make love in a Sprinter (yeah) / Quick to drop a nigga like Kimbo (go) / Lookin’ like a right swipe on Tinder (woo).”

After the song was released, a fan on Twitter referred to Cardi as “basically the fourth member of the Migos,” to which Cardi responded by saying that they’re just looking out for each other, writing, “I’m not. I’m engaged to Offset and the others are my brothers. Now we want to help each other to succeed and make money. Your f-ckin’ homeboys should support you too, sis!”

She also shared her anticipation for Invasion Of Privacy, writing that it will be a big relief and an opportunity for her to show off her versatility: “I can’t wait until Invasion Of Privacy comes out. First, [it’s] a big [relief]; Second, I want people to see different sides of me and I’m just really proud of the work that was put in this album.”

Listen to “Drip” above.