Cardi B Says She’s Single Now, Ending Her Relationship With Migos’ Offset

Cardi B and Offset have been relationship goals for many fans — but those supporters might need new goals. Cardi B took to her Snapchat to announce that she’s single, ending her relationship with Offset. There wasn’t much explanation given, but in true Cardi B fashion she made the breakup readily apparent on Instagram, with two peace signs and a caption that simply read, “peace nikka.” There weren’t any public indication that the two were having problems. There were even rumors that the two were engaged — but they were quickly squashed.

Months later, it looks like the entire relationship was too. Perhaps Cardi’s change of heart could have something to do with the recent release of her ex, Tommy Geez, from jail.

Cardi and Tommy’s relationship was a focus on her Love And Hip-Hop: New York stint. His incarceration strained their relationship, as he was upset that she couldn’t give him the attention he wanted while incarcerated. With her career ascending it was hard for her to make time for him, but now that he’s free — and she’s newly single — things have the chance to change. There’s been nothing from Offset’s side about the breakup, and Cardi has already began making other posts on her Instagram. Looks like she’s moved on fast.