Cardi B’s Wedding Song Will Be A Tossup Between Two ’80s R&B Legends

The comedically outspoken Cardi B doesn’t hold her tongue often, but there was apparently one topic she was reluctant to discuss during her interview with Beats 1 Radio’s Julie Adenuga. When Adenuga asked about her upcoming nuptials with Migos’ Offset, Cardi shied away from the topic of their wedding song. “I’m not gonna say it because I’m not gonna sound sensitive,” she cracked.

However, with a little cajoling from her host, she did let one little nugget of info slip. “It’s between Al B Sure or Grace Jones,” she confirmed. The history-making, “Bodak Yellow” rapper accepted Offset’s onstage marriage proposal during their set at Powerhouse Philly, and since then they’ve been a hot topic of discussion, weathering rumors of infidelity and “haters” who just won’t let Cardi live.

“A lot of these celebrities they do search their name up on Twitter,” she admitted, as she has always been one of the prime suspects. “I feel like, they don’t respond, because it’s like the celebrity thing to do. It’s like you too cool. It’s like I’m not too f*cking cool to tell your m*therf*cking ass something, like how your f*ckking square ass is gonna talk sh*t about me.” Cardi has often lit into her critics online, and it seems she has no plans to stop doing so now.

Even Offset isn’t immune from her wrath. Asked about the most annoying thing her fiancé does, Cardi was just as blunt as always. “When he buys food, and he don’t eat it,” she observes, adding, “I’m a person that sees the spending.”

As for that wedding song, my money is on either “Love Is The Drug” or “Night And Day,” two of the biggest hits of the ’80s. Get your office pools started now.