The Growling Panthers Fan Is Back With A New Fight Song, And It’s A Big Disappointment

01.28.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Ked Woodley is perhaps the greatest musical artist and lyricist of our times. In December, he created a video dedicated to the Carolina Panthers that began to receive the attention it deserved before the NFC Championship game. It featured sick rhymes and a stellar growl that 100 percent pushed the Panthers to a 49-15 win against the Arizona Cardinals.

The sequel, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

For some reason, Ked has relegated himself to backup growler while his buddy does all the rapping and does it quite poorly. The original video felt like it came from the heart; this video feels like his friend saw how famous Ked was getting and talked him into making another video so he could get his 15 minutes of fame. This is the The Whole Ten Yards of music videos.

“We lost to the Cardinals, JK that was a joke, actually we won.”

“Josh Norman’s Mormon … no he’s not, but it rhymes.”


This is the equivalent of Beyonce returning to Destiny’s Child and just saying “ohhhh” in the background of all the songs. Ked has sold out his musical integrity and diminished his genius by lending his name to something that seems like a rejected scene from a Jay and Silent Bob movie.

Ked, you have more than a week to redeem yourself. Write a new song. Work solo. Let the world hear that velvet voice and those smooth rhymes. You owe it to us all.

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