Casey Dienel Introduces Her New Album With ‘High Times,’ A Glitzy, ’80s Glam Ode To One Night Stands

Pop Music Critic

Casey Dienel aka the woman behind the dream-pop act White Hinterland has finally returned with a new album under her own name. Her last release was 2014’s Baby as White Hinterland, and well, the new Casey Dienel album Imitation Of A Woman To Love is a far cry from that. It will be out this spring on May 18 as the debut release on Dienel’s own newly-launched label, Paddle You Own Canoe Society, and she’s kicked off the record with an enormous, blown-out glitz pop single that is the kind of deafening return that’s impossible to ignore.

“‘High Times’ contains some thinly veiled metaphors, one wild night in Palm Springs, and it was a sh*t ton of fun to make,” she wrote of the track. “I produced and played everything at my studio in Massachusetts.”

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