Casey Kasem Has Been Found Safe And Sound In Washington State

Legendary radio host Casey Kasem has been found safe and sound. A few days ago, it was reported that he just disappeared, despite his many ailments that include not even being able to talk and need of 24-hour care. But thankfully, he’s back. Via NYDailyNews:

Radio icon Casey Kasem has been found.

Hours after Kasem’s desperate daughter, Kerri, filed a missing person’s report with Santa Monica, Calif., cops, he was located in Washington State, police said Wednesday.

“He’s already been found,” Sgt. Mario Toti exclusively told the Daily News. The revelation was a relief to Kerri Kasem Wednesday night.

Well, that’s good. I mean, an ailing man can’t just hop on a motorcycle and peace out. Although, I just pictured his doing that and it’s kind of badass.

“Now that it’s official, they can move forward with their plan. Today is a week since he was last in his nursing home, and they don’t know if he’s been taking his medication. The fact that he’s been away from his medical care is a big deal and they’re scared something serious could happen with his health.”

That seems a little odd. If he’s on a lot of medication, and just stops taking it for a week, allegedly, then what else is going on? Where was he?

The daughter previously told The News she believed her estranged stepmom, Jean Kasem, was in “hiding” with the “American Top 40” radio legend.

“My dad has been kidnapped,” she said Wednesday, adding she suspected her stepmother removed Kasem from his Santa Monica nursing home last week and likely took him up to an Indian reservation in Washington.

“Estranged” and “kidnapped” is all I needed to hear from this story to know that there’s much more going on than a man just wandering off. This is a lot of intrigue and mystery from the guy best known for playing my favorite Boys II Men songs on the radio.

(Via NYDailyNews)