‘Meowtallica’ Is The Latest Cat Remix Medley The Internet Has Willed Into Existence

07.12.16 2 years ago

The internet loves cats and cats are… well, they are ambivalent about the internet. This love of cats has made its way into gimmicky music projects in recent years. Lil’ Bub has an album, and who can forget Meow the Jewels, the album that took Run the Jewels 2 and replaced all the instrumentation with cat noises for a good cause. Now, if you like your kitty cats mixed in with a bit of headbanging, there’s a new internet video for you, and it’s all about Metallica.

The video comes in the guise of an infomercial for something called Meow That’s What I Call Metal! or Meowtallica. It is ostensibly an album of cats covering Metallica songs, with names such as “Meone,” “Don’t Meow on Me,” and, of course, “Meow.” There are a couple ways in which Meowtallica is different than Meow the Jewels. One, this project isn’t real. It’s just the fake infomercial. Second, there doesn’t seem to be any real cats involved. The music remains the same metal, with the vocals replaced by humans doing metal cat voices.

So, it’s not quite the same as Meow the Jewels, but it’s still cats and heavy metal, and the video features a bunch of little cats rocking out, which is fun. Maybe somebody will have the initiative to make Meowtallica a reality. But unless it’s for charity, let’s hope not.

(Via Billboard)

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