Watch Avril Lavigne Join Her Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger And Nickelback To Perform ‘Rockstar’ Live

09.11.17 2 years ago

For a hot minute beginning in 2012, Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger were Canada’s preeminent alternative rock power couple, but that changed when they divorced in late 2015. At the time, Lavigne wrote, “We are still, and forever will be, the best of friends, and will always care deeply for each other.” It feels like that’s true, because at a Nickelback concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles this weekend, the two reunited for a performance of “Rockstar.”

The impromptu performance was a big step for Lavigne, as she’s kept a low profile since revealing in 2015 that she has Lyme disease. The singer seems happy to get back to performing, though, as she posted a clip of her cameo on Instagram and wrote, “Good to be back on stage! Feeling excited, happy and grateful.”

This reunion was another sign that although their marriage ended, Lavigne and Kroeger are still on pretty good terms with each other. The two were in the studio writing songs together less than a month after their divorce, and Lavigne came to Nickelback’s defense last year after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made the band the butt of a joke with his home’s A.I. system.

With Nickelback and Lavigne perform “Rockstar” above, and revisit our feature on why Nickelback doesn’t suck as much as you probably think here.

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