Chad Kroeger Bought Avril Lavigne An Obnoxiously Huge Anniversary Ring

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, or the first couple of Rock ‘N Roll as they’re called by no one, have been moving at a faster pace than most couples ever since the day they started dating back in 2012. It took only a month for the Nickelback frontman to propose to the former Mrs. Lead Singer of Sum 41, and by July 1, 2013 they were saying, “I do” to each other, presumably set to catchy-but-unoriginal chords, in front of a crowd of their friends at a castle in France. Obviously, their first anniversary has already come and gone, but the singer of this year’s No. 1 single on the “What the F*ck was That?” chart still thought to share the gift her husband gave her with all of her fans.

That gift? A 17-carat emerald cut diamond ring. Take your stuffed animals and flowers out back, normal husbands, because you all just got schooled by Canada’s gift to rock music.

You know, I just can’t look at these two without turning the volume all the way out and rocking out to the most beautiful ballad ever recorded…