Chance The Rapper Tied His Album Release Date To The Return Of Wendy’s Spicy Nuggets

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Chance The Rapper’s love of Wendy’s’ spicy nuggets goes deeper than previously thought. Despite being urged by Amy Schumer to boycott the brand for their food sourcing practices, Chance’s ongoing back-and-forth with the fast food chain on Twitter not only resulted in the return of the coveted menu item, but also in a release date for Chance’s long-awaited, as-yet-untitled fourth album — in a manner of speaking.

The perpetually upbeat and marketing savvy Chicago rapper went on Instagram to announce his album’s release date just minutes after Wendy’s announced the return of the spicy nuggets, but there’s a catch: Chance revealed that his album will drop the same day as the spicy nuggets return, but the exact date is still a mystery.

Wendy’s tweeted that while it will be bringing back the popular item, “We don’t know when yet,” and promised that it would be “soon.” Chance took a screenshot of the tweet for his own Instagram post, announcing, “ITS OFFICIAL SPICY NUGGS RE-RELEASE SAME DAY AS MY #OWBUM.” The brand synergy is strong and likely born of Wendy’s’ brand’s own street-smart marketing team. The brand released its own surprisingly good mixtape last year, aiming clever, fast food-themed diss records at its competition as a way of endearing the brand to its younger demographic — which also happens to overlap greatly with the fans who turn up in droves to Chance’s shows and Open Mike events in Chicago. Chance’s last album, Coloring Book, used similarly innovative promotional tactics to upend the way we think about independent artists in the music business and it looks like he’s found another unexpected way to make his album release a standout event — or maybe he just really, really likes spicy nuggets.