Chance The Rapper Debuted Two Great New Songs On Beats 1 Radio In The Middle Of The Night

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Chance The Rapper hasn’t put out a complete project since the game-changing 2016 album Coloring Book, opting instead to pop up periodically on surprising features and drop an unnamed, unofficial, four-song collection this summer. He apparently decided to continue this habit of debuting new songs in the middle of the night with a surprise drop of two mellow bangers just after midnight on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio.

The first song, called “The Man Who Has Everything,” is a reflective, downtempo rumination on the changing circumstances around and his burgeoning family, as well as his goals and dreams for the future, even as he brags about the creativity that set him on his current path. “I gave you free raps / That shit sound like free facts.” he boasts over the smooth sample of the 1950s pop ballad “Love Me Forever.”

The second joint is “My Own Thing” and it features Chance’s Chicago cohort Joey Purp. This one’s more upbeat and sounds like it could have been part of Coloring Book’s sunny collection of songs. It’s a trademark Chance The Rapper, “be yourself,” celebration of his individuality, as uplifting as any of his signature singles from over the past two years. Purp contributes a smart, catchy verse of his own, reminding listeners that he fits right in on the bouncy, Sunday school-friendly production.

With this release, Chance will undoubtedly stoke excitement for a full-length project, but knowing him, his going to be very strategic about how and when he releases anything more than the short bursts of music he’s been putting out lately. He’s not alone; Big KRIT dropped his own double-hitter last night as well, in the form of two-song streaming single, Double Down.

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