Chance The Rapper’s Routine In Francis & The Lights’ New ‘May I Have This Dance’ Video Is Pure Joy

Chance The Rapper has shared the video for the remix of “May I Have This Dance,” his collaboration with Francis & The Lights. Over the band’s grandiose 1975-style pop-rock, Chano raps about dancing with the woman he loves and shows off a few moves of his own in the video.

The majority of the video is Chance on his Robyn ish, but he’s joined at the end by Francis Farewell, and they launch into a routine that is already being practiced in living rooms across the country. As for the song itself, it sounds a bit like if Phil Collins and Chano spent some time in the studio together — which, God, can that happen already? The track is merely the latest co-sign of the group by Chicago megastars. Chance has been promoting the group for a while now and they even turned up alongside Kanye West and Bon Iver.

We already know that Chance’s taste in collaborators is impeccable and this remix is no exception to that. Give the video several watches and try in vain to get the smile off your face for the rest of the day. For more Chance news, check out his recent interview with Jordan Peele where he discusses what he enjoyed about Get Out.