Chance The Rapper Explains How Kanye’s ‘Pablo’ Got Mislabeled As A Gospel Album

Chance The Rapper and Hannibal Buress have had their names show up together quite a bit over the past few days, thanks to Buress lending his vocals to “All the Way,” the opening track for Chance and Jeremih’s new mixtape, Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama. A few days after recording the song, Chance returned the favor for Buress by appearing on the latter’s podcast, Handsome Rambler. The conversation was as far-ranging as can be imagined with the topics shifting from the possibility of Chance one day running for mayor in their shared hometown, whether his one-year-old daughter is already rapping, and his monthly Open Mike set.

But they do delve into the music a bit more with the hosts asking Chance about his work with Kanye for The Life of Pablo, which Chance reveals wasn’t really ever considered a gospel album, despite what ‘Ye said. Chance explained that more was made of Kanye’s tweet than what he maybe actually meant.

“I think that was sensationalized. I think he just made the one tweet where he said this album is a gospel album. I’ll give you true intel. It was the night after I hung out with him in the studio and I started playing him records. He asked me to work on ‘Ultralight Beam’ but it wasn’t ‘Ultralight Beam’ yet. He said he wanted to make a G.O.O.D. Friday song and they were making it from scratch. When we started making the beat for some inspiration and I had been listening to Fred Hammonds and some other shit like that. And he tweeted that he was working on a gospel album but I don’t think he like fully felt that post tweeting that.”

Also in the religious realm, they play a segment called “Jesus or Young Jeezy.” Yeah, the interview is all over the place but entertaining.