Chance The Rapper Snuck Into Peyton Manning’s Retirement Party To Hang Out With Justin Timberlake

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Peyton Manning apparently held a super-secret, star-studded retirement party at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel on July 11, and while the guest list was as long and illustrious as Manning’s forehead career, it looks like they left off Chance The Rapper. Well, we all know what happens when people try to stop Chano. The Coloring Book rapper managed to crash the party to snap a photo with Justin Timberlake (we’re guessing the dreadheads were just out of frame).

Manning has managed to stay in the spotlight well after he made the decision to retire earlier this year, as anyone who has spent years watching him chant at butchers and sell pizza could have predicted. Pretty much every network involved in televised sports wants a piece of him, Gatorade is already cashing in on his legacy and the world is awash in “What if” stories and reporters looking for his opinions. Of course, Manning doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to, as he pulled in more money over the course of his career than anyone in the history of the NFL.

As for JT and Chance, they aren’t doing so bad themselves. BET Awards gaffe aside, Timberlake’s latest single is absolutely everywhere and while Chance’s mixtape is a little bit harder to quantify, his clout is so high that he pretty much single-handedly made the Grammys change their rules.

(Via Complex)

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