Contract Issues Will Force Chance The Rapper To Reschedule An LA Show To A Rolling Loud Set

Chance the Rapper is forced to reschedule an LA show due to a contractual clause. The rapper made the announcement on social media and apologized to fans. Chance posted a video explaining the reason for rescheduling on Instagram.

“Urgent announcement for my fans in LA,” Chance started. “The LA show scheduled for 2020 is not happening due to a radius clause. Basically, when I rescheduled my tour to spend more time with the family, I scheduled a date that isn’t actually doable because I have a different LA plan. My LA show is now Rolling Loud Fest at the end of 2019. Day One with Lil Uzi and Lil Dirk. But basically, yes, that is my LA show now. All tickets are automatically refunded.”

Chance apologized to his fans at the end of the video. “So sorry to all my fans in LA. If you can, come out to Rolling Loud. It’s going to be an amazing time. We’re figuring out rescheduling for later in 2020 for my arena show. So, once again, I’m sorry.”

The aforementioned radius clause is a non-compete form many musicians and performers are required to sign when confirming a show. The clause states the performer cannot play another show for a certain length of time, either prior to or following an appearance at a concert or festival. The performer cannot hold a show at other locations within a certain radius of the city they are scheduled to play.