Everything We Know So Far About Chance The Rapper’s Upcoming ‘Owbum’

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We know that Chance The Rapper’s debut “Owbum” is set to be released next month. But there’s not a lot of other publicly available information about the follow up to Coloring Book, Chance’s Grammy-winning effort. Coloring Book was a well-regarded album that stood adjacent to his idol Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo as a brilliant melding of gospel and hip-hop in a widely accessible package.

The mixtape also broke barriers in the music industry, as it became the first ever streaming-only album to chart on Billboard‘s albums chart, and later became the first streaming-only album to win a Grammy. The waves that Coloring Book made have a lot of his devoted fans out on the figurative coastline, waiting for any sign of new information they can get on his next project. “GRoCERIES” is widely regarded to be the first single, but what’s the name of the “owbum?” What’s the release date? Who’s on the tracklist? No one outside of his circle knows. But here’s what we do know: