Chance The Rapper Is Not A Fan Of Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-Raq’

Critics are largely praising Spike Lee’s new movie Chi-Raq. The film — which tries to make a statement on Chicago’s gun violence problem through the lens of the Ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata — is being lauded as a return-to-form for the controversial director, but at least one prominent Chicagoan is not happy with the way his city was portrayed. Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to say that Chicago natives are “not supporting this film out here.”

And this is coming from the Chicagoan of the Year, according to Chicago Magazine. But he is far from the only Chicago artist to speak out against Chi-Raq. Drill rapper King Louie released a video for a song with the straightforward title of “F*ck Spike Lee” earlier today.

The ire directed at Lee isn’t just contained to famous Chicago musicians. The director got absolutely roasted during a recent Twitter Q&A by people who thought his film was exploitative and poorly researched.

Despite several dissenting opinions on the film, one thing is for sure: People are certainly talking about Spike’s latest creation.