Charli XCX Is Blessing Us All With A New Mixtape ‘Number 1 Angel’

There are few fanbases in popular music — outside of the followers of a certain Jay Z affiliate — who have been left to suffer as long as fans of Charli XCX. It seems like every few months there’s a taste or a tease of something new from the pop starlet, but you’re more likely to hear about the singer from her outspokenness outside of the studio than her boisterous work within it.

Well, that ends this week. The singer announced on Twitter and Instagram that she has a full mixtape of new music coming this Friday. Barring the collaborative EP she released with PC Music producer Sophie that she shared last year, the new tape Number 1 Angel will be her first release since her 2014 album Sucker.

“I’m so f*cking happy this mixtape is nearly out,” she wrote in a post to her Instagram. “I’m so proud of this collection of songs. Angels, this is for you. I love you all. Thanks for your eternal support.”

In that same post, Charli revealed that she’s going to premiere three of the mixtape tracks on Mista Jam’s BBC Radio 1 show tonight (March 7). For more Charli right this instant, don’t miss her collaboration with Lil Yachty.