Charli XCX Continues Her Busy Summer With Two Dancefloor-Ready Songs, “No Angel” And “Focus”

There is no award for the hardest working person in pop, but if there was, it would be hard to deny Charli XCX that status in 2018. Not only is she opening one of the biggest tours of the year, Taylor Swift’s Reputation run, but she’s also been releasing a steady stream of music the bears her unparalleled tasted and personality. All this coming hot on the heels of her fantastic late-2017 offering, Pop 2, and it’s safe to wonder if Charli is never not working. For an artist who famously tweeted that she thinks she’s underrated, it’s hard to argue with her.

Another example of her prolific nature comes today with not one, but two new songs. The first, “No Angel,” sounds more like a revisiting of her past, light and exuberant like summer personified. The second, “Focus,” is more dancefloor-ready, getting lost in its repetition for moments of pure elation. They are both direct turns from the more trap-influence “5 In the Morning,” which itself is a turn for her. Basically, if you don’t like any particular Charli song, you know she’ll be releasing something totally different within a few weeks.

Check out Charli XCX’s “No Angel” above and “Focus” below.