Charlie Sheen And Mel Gibson In Lady Gaga’s ‘Aura’ Music Video Is A Match Made In Hell

Senior Pop Culture Editor
10.10.13 2 Comments

Many months ago, we shared leaked audio of a future single from Lady Gaga’s forthcoming album, ARTPOP. (Got that?) It was called “Burqa,” and at the time, I called it a “stuffed, off-putting mess” that tried to “cram 17 styles into one song.” An updated, final version of the track with a new name, “Aura,” is here…and yup, still pretty bad. “I’m not a wandering slave, I am a woman of choice/My veil is protection for the gorgeousness of my face”? Lady Gaga is a white woman who grew up on the Upper West Side and went to NYU — what is she…?

Anyway. The music video for “Aura” doubles as a musical trailer for Machete Kills, which means that over the song’s EDM beats, we get to hear Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen deliver dialogue about recruiting and needing Machete, just as the general public demanded. Not even Sofia Vergara’s boob guns can save this.

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