Stay Out Of This Town If You Plan On Performing In A Rap Battle

Don’t expect any 8 Mile-type movies coming out of Charlton, Massachusetts anytime soon. The Charlton Police Department released a statement to their Facebook page warning the town about “two to three male occupants” driving around town trying to get people to “spit some bars.” The non-offense has put the town on high alert and the sales of rhyming dictionaries has reached an all-time high (probably).

According to the Facebook post, two or three males in their late teens or early 20s were driving around town and approached a group of three teenage boys to “spit some bars (rap lingo).” After the boys declined the invitation to become the next big battle king, the challengers drove off. As much of a joke as this might sound, the real issue is a group of men approaching younger kids and intimidating them, and the Charlton PD do have a job to investigate any suspicious behavior responsibly. (That is, as long as we’re also acknowledging the open door for profiling that this brings.)

The young teenagers probably knew they weren’t in any kind of danger once they noticed the man who was speaking in “rap lingo” to them was wearing “open-toed sandals.” If you’ve settled on wearing those for the day, then you’ve basically just assumed you won’t be getting into any type of physical activity, which these smart teens picked up on right away.

Realistically, it was probably just SNL‘s Kyle Mooney looking for new opponents after his victory over Kanye in a rap battle.

(via Boston Magazine)