Charly Bliss’ ‘Hard To Believe’ Video Is A Roaring Trip Inside The Band’s Minds

New York pop-punk band Charly Bliss‘ new album Young Enough is out in exactly one month (May 10 via Barsuk Records), and they’ve released another great one in anticipation. “Hard To Believe” is a roaring, guitar-driven song about the endless, unbreakable cycle of a bad relationship. You want out, but when the pull between you and another person is that strong, it’s easier said than done. “Hard To Believe” captures the frenetic energy of being at war with yourself, aware of your best interests but ignoring them anyway.

The video, shot on grainy, cinematic 35mm film, teases out other aspects of the song. Charly Bliss are performing “Hard To Believe” in a session, but their minds are elsewhere. The video cuts between shots of the band performing and the things they’re thinking about — grape soda, an ominous phone call, a poster of water, a marble on the ground. The fast-paced editing and pervasive sense of dread make the video kind of a stressful watch, but like all of CB’s visuals, it’s confident and creative. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that the image of a masked man determinedly running through the woods will give me nightmares for weeks to come.

Watch Charly Bliss’ video for “Hard To Believe” above.