Charly Bliss’ ‘Scare U’ Video Is A Sparkling Homage To ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’

10.13.17 4 months ago

Brooklyn’s Charly Bliss had one of the breakout albums of the year with the release of their debut LP Guppy back in April. Frontwoman/guitarist Eva Hendricks’ vocals are bubbly and warm, and constantly gripping, which allowed Charly Bliss to really stand out from the pack of power-pop/pop-punk albums, and serve as openers for some of their idols like Veruca Salt, Sleater-Kinney, and Tokyo Police Club.

As a big Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan, Hendricks told W Magazine that she wanted the music video for “Scare U” to reflect the series’ 112th episode, where the show addresses the reality that Buffy’s lifestyle probably couldn’t be entirely reliant on her part-time job at a weird fast-food restaurant. Thus, the video stars Hendricks as a new trainee at a restaurant called Pappy’s, where she quickly learns that there is a dark side to the inner workings. It isn’t long before she finds herself in the basement with the rest of the employees and tries to fight her way out… But to no avail.

Interestingly, the band actually filmed the video themselves less than two weeks before Barsuk Records reached out to the them about releasing Guppy, and the band has been sitting on it since, waiting for the prime release date of Friday the 13th. Check out the awesome DIY video above.

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