Cheat Codes Shows That The Key To Success Is Controlling Your Art

There has arguably never been a better time to be alive and DIY. The internet has created a direct-to-consumer oasis for content creators and artists all over the world — just ask Cheat Codes. The LA-based DJ trio have had their songs streamed over one billion times in three years. But, what’s most impressive about the success of songs like “Sex” and “No Promises” is that they were created without ever stepping foot in a professional studio. Not only do they pump out their songs to millions of fans via a home studio, the three still take care of every step of the production process.

It’s a method the group developed together in their first LA living situation. The trio previously knew each other from St. Louis, but re-connected as LA transplants living the oft-told “dollar and a dream” story. They were moving around and staying with friends, sleeping from floor to floor when group member Trevor Dahl asked their roommate what may be the most important question of his life — could the spare room be used to make music?

A billion streams later, the group has taken their humble beginnings all over the world, with an energetic live show that has to be just as exhilarating as member Kevin Ford’s former career as a stuntman.

Check out the video to hear the guys discuss their pizza-fueled beginnings, the importance of controlling your art, and their steps to accomplishing anything you want in life.

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