Madonna, Cher, T.I. And More Musicians Take To The Streets For NYC’s Anti-Trump Protests

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People in New York, Chicago, Oakland and various others cities across the country to took the streets to protest and make their voices heard after Donald Trump won Tuesday night’s presidential election. In New York City specifically, they were supported by a number of musicians who decided to join the crowds of protesters and add their voice to the rising discontent that the new president elect’s facing months before he enters the White House.

Stars like Cher, Madonna, T.I., Questlove and Meek Mill wrote messages and shared videos on social media of the throngs of people, said to number close to 10,000, marching down Fifth Ave. singing protest chants and carrying signs rejecting the idea of the former Apprentice being the chosen leader for the country. Below, take a look and see some of what transpired at the New York City protest.

Singer Cher took time to engage with protestors, taking time to listen, encourage and even hug a few of them:

Clinton supporter Madonna shared video from deep inside the crowd, calling for people to turn words into action in order to “start a revolution of love”:

Rapper Meek Mill posted a clip with protesters singing “F*ck Trump” in unison:

Questlove documented the experience from the fringes, capturing the rain as well as the protesters in his footage:

Rapper T.I. posted several video clips where he was immersed in the crowd as they marched the streets.

He captioned one of his videos with the chants he heard from those in the streets: “‘She got more votes’ and ‘We reject the president elect'”:

Tip noted one explicit chat he heard — “‘Pu**y grabs back’ tho? They ain’t feeling this sh*t!!”:

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"Pu**y grabs back" tho? They ain't feeling this shit!!

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The country faces tougher days ahead as people continue speaking out on social media and in their local communities. Tip captioned one of his videos, “The people have spoken…They turning America on its head.” The onus will be on our elected officials to listen to the people and help lead the country in the right direction.

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The people have spoken…. They turning America on its head.

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