Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Haze Chickened Out Of A Rap Battle, Says Former Rapper He Was Supposed To Battle

In case you were wondering, Chet Haze — aka Tom Hanks’ aspiring rapper son Chester — is still out there doing Chet Haze things, like perpetually feuding with “nerds” and “haters” on Twitter. Recently he challenged such a nerd/hater to a rap battle. What Chet apparently didn’t know is that the person he challenged, writer/comedian/podcaster/gallery owner Jensen Karp, is a former rap battle champion who used to perform rap under the name “Hot Karl” and once had a major record label deal. (It should be noted that Karp owns and operates Gallery1988, which we’ve written about extensively on UPROXX.) According to Karp, Chet Haze and his manager are scurrying like frightened rodents after learning about his rap background.

Writes Karp about his Twitter feud and beyond with Haze:

During the exchange, Chester challenged me to a rap battle, which I believe at the time he assumed was something that would never be accepted by a random “comedian” on Twitter. What Chester didn’t know, and probably the reason he Googles EVERYTHING now, is that a little over ten years ago I was crowned one of LA’s best battlers, and actually got a million dollar Interscope record deal because of it. He dug himself a hole when I quickly accepted and every moment since has ignored his challenge. He ran quickly away from any rap comparison and instead just issued repeated physical threats to me (a “blogger nerd”), choosing to incorrectly spell words in his tweets and act like he’s writing a 1990’s Ice Cube song. Like he wasn’t the 5 year old at the Toy Story premiere.

And Chester, when it comes to being a “nerd” on the Internet, I’m not sure I could ever top your accolades.

Since the Twitter exchange, Chester and his manager Briggs, have avoided any and all opportunities to follow up on Chester’s challenge. We were offered a large-scale, streamed live battle, with all profits benefitting a charity to fund music programs in underprivileged neighborhoods. He said no. The latest and greatest avenue opened last week, when Howard Stern extended an invitation for an in-studio dual appearance, where we would battle live on-air. Chet and Briggs again stated they’ll reject any and all offers, and asked us to lose their contact info.

I’ve never had a problem with Chester being Tom Hanks’s son, although he repeatedly tries to make it about that. Being Tom Hanks’s son is actually the coolest part about the dude. Chester recently tweeted, “You think you may know what my life is like, but you have no fuckin idea,” then 5 hours later tweeted a picture from the Saving Mister Banks red carpet. Listen, we know what you’re life is like, Chester. You seem to be the only person who doesn’t. And that’s my actual problem.

In response, Chet Haze took to Twitter, as is his proclivity…

When you follow Chet Haze on social media, everyday is Christmas.

(Home page image via Getty. Other pics via Chet Haze’s Instagram feed.)