Chet Haze Is Still Giving It The Ole College Try

10.13.11 4 Comments

In case you’ve been wondering, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s aspiring hip-hop artist son Chester Hanks, aka Chet Haze, is still out there, doing his music thing. (His Twitter feed is a consistent source of endearing naivete and hilarity, btw, with the occasional vague reference to a sexual conquest tossed in.) You may remember the Northwestern University student’s first video receiving a lukewarm response a few months back, though we did our best not to sh*t on the kid’s aspirations. Now he’s posted his second video to YouTube, and while he’s still far from being the new Eminem, he’s far better than Allen Samuels, that’s for sure.

The main thing I took away from watching the video for “Hollywood” is that young Chet has become aware of a universal truth that seems to allude many: that male fashion photographers get more hot a$s than any profession outside of male porn stars. Seriously, I’ve know withered, fat, butt-ugly photogs who shag models on the regular and it never ceases to boggle my mind. There’s something about the vulnerability of being in front of a camera that makes women want to give themselves to the man behind the camera. It’s just weird. So let this be a lesson to all you kids out there — if you want to get laid by lots of beautiful women, become a photographer. Like I said, young Chet Haze has that figured out. Perhaps he can do that if the music thing doesn’t work out?

Also, is Chet wearing lipstick in this video? Is that a thing? The new guyliner, perhaps? Regardless, the model in the video above was unfazed as she gradually gave in to Chet’s photographer charms. I mean, how could she not?

UPDATE: Apparently, as pointed out by a commenter below, this song was originally written and performed by a little known Korean artist named Mickey Singh, though it doesn’t appear to be attributed to him anywhere on Chet Haze’s YouTube or Facebook pages.

UPDATE #2: We asked Chet about the charges that he stole the song and he responded with the following message: “The songs not stolen, as much as some insignificant peon out there would love it to be. I have all the rights to it.”

So there you go.

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