Chicago Rappers Are Furious With ‘Rolling Stone’s’ Timeline Of Their Hip-Hop Scene

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This week Rolling Stone released a timeline of Chicago hip-hop, which aimed to salute the Windy City’s musical contributions. The short piece missed a lot, and wasn’t well-received by fans of Chicago hip-hop. They focused mostly on Chicago’s big names, omitting acts like Crucial Conflict, JD Walker, Psychodrama, and Open Mike Eagle, staples of Chicago’s rap history. The slights were called out by several people, including Cold Hard of Crucial Conflict:

“Learn ya’ll history before you go to give MFers awards” seems like common sense, but once again a major publication has dropped the ball and people aren’t feeling it:

The writer of the article took to Twitter to defend it, saying it wasn’t meant to be a “comprehensive piece” — despite a subhed that aimed to “look at what formed the city’s scene.” He called the piece a “short timeline,” but it’s pretty hard to cover a city’s 25+ year contributions to hip-hop with just one piece — in five paragraphs seems even less doable. In the future, it seems like something this ambitious could be given more space. For instance, would a Seattle grunge retrospective get five paragraphs to work with?