Childish Gambino’s Created A Virtual Reality Version Of His New Album

On Friday, Donald Glover will unleash his Childish Gambino artist alter ego and his new album, Awaken, My Love. As if that weren’t enough to satiate everyone’s appetite, his taking the process one step further by releasing a “virtual reality limited edition vinyl” for the project as well, which is really exciting even if it’s unclear just what the hell that means.

Gambino’s site was updated Tuesday night with the release package that includes two 45 RPM heavyweight 12″ vinyl records and a limited edition poster, both available through the duration of the pre-order period. Perhaps as a glimpse into what the virtual reality experience will work like, the PHAROS Earth app was also updated with VR performance footage of “Me and Your Mama,” taken from his PHAROS event in Joshua Tree back in September, that can be viewed using an iPhone or Android device. At the moment, the clip is about the only hint of what to expect from the VR vinyl. Well, that’s besides the actual music, which from what we’ve heard in “Me and Your Mama” and “Redbone,” should be pretty damn good, too.

For anyone interested, the limited vinyl is up for grabs now on the album’s official site. Make haste now or don’t complain when its sold out.