Chris Brown’s Accuser Baylee Curran Gives Her Version Of Why He Allegedly Put A Gun In Her Face

08.30.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Chris Brown’s latest run-in with the law has been a strange one. Baylee Curran accused Brown (or one of his associates) of pulling a gun out on a woman during a supposed jewelry deal gone bad. Beyond that, details are scant but police did show up to Brown’s home in what was initially reported as a standoff, an allegation that Brown eventually denied on social media.

Curran, a former 2016 Miss California Regional pageant contestant, also took to social media to speak about the incident. “Do you all honestly think I wanted this, and I caused this,” she said in a video on her private account. “If somebody put a gun to your head, what would you do? Call the police.”

She also spoke to TMZ, to whom she accused the singer of pulling out a gun. According to Curran, Brown allegedly said, “get the eff out of here,” after she touched a diamond cross during what seems to be a jewelry deal at Brown’s home.

“(He) threatened me with it, and that’s when I just left,” she said. “There was girls previous to the event, about an hour before that, about four others that he kicked out. So it’s like he’s getting sick of these girls, I’m not sure.”

Curran also says that Brown’s friend was hesitant to give her back her shoes and cellphone and asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement after the incident, which she refused. When TMZ’s hosts asked if there was any drinking or drugs at the party, Curran declined to comment and said she was choosing only to speak on the incident with Brown putting a gun “in (her) face.”

At the time of publication, Chris Brown has finally come outside to speak to police, but he is not handcuffed or confrontational. It’s unclear if charges will be pressed. FOX indicated that there is security camera footage of the incident and they expect that and the 911 call to be made public soon.

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