Chris Brown Surrenders To Police Following A Gun Incident Over Jewelry

08.30.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Following a wild 24 hours including what appears to be an incident with a gun and a lengthy standoff with SWAT and LAPD officers, Chris Brown is now in police custody. The singer left his home with cops after an incident involving a beauty pageant contestant named Baylee Curran. She alleged on TMZ Live that Brown threatened her with a gun following her asking about and touching a piece of jewelry in his home. Once she inquired about the jewelry, according to Curran, Chris Brown and his friends were enraged and told her to “get the f*ck out.”

Curran, who then left the premises, called the police to tell them she was threatened and they would soon arrive at Brown’s residence later that evening. This would result in a team of police camping outside of Brown’s Tarzana, California home for hours until he would be negotiated out of the house. He claimed, in a series of videos, that he was asleep and innocent of any accusations being levied against him. However, TMZ reported that he tossed a duffel bag filled with weapons and drugs, which they say was discovered by police upon entering the home.

What exact charges that are leveled against Brown and his friends isn’t exactly clear at this time, but we will continue to follow this story as it further develops.

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