Chris Brown Has Officially Been Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon

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Chris Brown has officially been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon according to several reports. This follows claims that the singer threatened a woman with a gun at his home, leading to an odd standoff with police on Tuesday morning. Brown had earlier surrendered to police and left in custody, but had not been charged with a crime at that point.

Police entered the premises at Brown’s home where they searched, and according to earlier reports, allegedly found a duffel bag filled with weapons and guns. The Los Angeles Times carried a statement from police on the current status of the charges:

Lt. Chris Ramirez, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department, said officers were transporting Brown from his Tarzana home to downtown L.A., where he would be formally booked.

We’re getting the cooperation of everyone that came out,” Ramirez said, after informing reporters that officers had served a search warrant.

Once all of the occupants are removed from the residence, they will be interviewed to determine what occurred, Ramirez said.

At least “half a dozen” people exited the home during the incident and police on the scene described the situation as “long and protracted.” According to ABC News, police would not confirm that a gun was discovered on the premises.

The charges end what was a wild Tuesday for the police and the singer, with both Brown and alleged victim Baylee Curran speaking on social media and with reporters about their own views of the incident. All while police waited. We’ll have more as the story is updated.

(Via Los Angeles Times / ABC News)

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