You Have To See The Dumb Tattoo Chris Brown Got On His Head

America’s Sweetheart Chris Brown is already fairly inked up and his body art is well documented — for example, the neck tattoo he has of “an Indian chief transforming into a wolf” that actually looks like Rihanna’s battered face. Such great decisions coming from his tattoo artist. Anyway, now that the “Loyal” singer is a proud father, he’s prime to make more responsible, better decisions about what goes on his body. I mean, he’s someone’s dad. So, of course now is the perfect time to get an enormous tattoo on the side of your head.

Originally posted on Instagram but then removed, according to Complex, Breezy uploaded a video of him getting a tattoo of the head of the classic Greek statue Venus de Milo with the caption “#onehellofanight #legendarynights #OHB do what you want and if u aint wit the bandwagon u will be soon #KEEPIT 100.” After the tattoo artist is finished, Chris and his crew then celebrate the new body stamp by dancing to Migos. Chris is truly an appreciator of fine art.

And please don’t let it be misconstrued, tattoos and body art are great. Even face tattoos, which certainly hold a stigma in society, are starting to become more commonplace. But this is just too rich to not enjoy. Besides, any signifier or warning that you are approaching Chris Brown from behind and can easily turn around to walk away is incredibly helpful. So thanks, Chris!

(Via Complex)