Chris Brown Is Selling T-Shirts That Smear His Rape Accuser

Getty Image

Three days ago, Chris Brown was arrested in Paris after being accused of rape. While he emphatically denied the charges and police have reported that they find the alleged victim’s testimony dubious, Brown has apparently decided he’s going to try to capitalize off the situation and begun selling T-shirts with the slogan “This B*tch Lyin'” emblazoned on them.

Released via his Black Pyramid brand, the T-shirts feature the slogan in white letters on a plain black field with the Black Pyramid logo, as well as an option with the slogan superimposed over a reproduction of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The shirts are priced at $38 and appear on the brand’s Instagram page alongside a selection of racing-themed apparel like jackets and tracksuits.

Brown was accused of raping the woman in his Paris hotel room, while Brown’s defense contends that the two were never alone and that there were 20 other people in the room listening to music from the singer’s phone. Brown filed a defamation lawsuit against the alleged victim on Thursday. TMZ reports that the victim’s lawyer attempted to clarify the situation, stating that she “was not pressured physically,” but that they did engage in “non-consensual sex.” Paris police wonder why the alleged victim never attempted to leave or alert anyone.