Chris Brown Reportedly Threatened A Woman With A Gun (UPDATE)

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UPDATE 2: Police have entered the premises and have found “a gun, other weapons and drugs,” according to TMZ. Brown apparently tried to throw a duffel bag with some of these items out the window.

UPDATE: TMZ now says that as the police arrived on the scene early this morning, several parties — including Ray J — were still in the house following the incident. Brown was asleep, but woke up to the cops knocking at his door and posted videos proclaiming he did not threaten anyone. NSFW Language

Chris Brown is running afoul the law once again with news that he may have pulled a gun on a woman during an argument. TMZ is reporting that the singer is being investigated by police following a domestic dispute on early Tuesday morning, which escalated to Brown pulling a gun on the woman. The cops were called during this event and showed up to take a report, with TMZ further stating that Chris Brown was the sole suspect in the investigation.

This recent incident follows numerous brushes with the law over the past decade for the singer, including a scuffle with Drake that partially blinded basketball player Tony Parker with the San Antonio Spurs, an altercation with Frank Ocean in a parking lot that has long persisted into further arguments, and most infamously, his assault of fellow pop star Rihanna, among several other assault charges.

The news of the possible armed argument comes off of the heels of a long custody battle over Brown’s first child, Royalty, for whom he named his most recent album. He eventually gained joint custody of his young daughter, after a lengthy legal proceeding. We will continue to follow this story as more details emerge.