Chris Cornell Sharing His Thoughts On Kurt Cobain’s Suicide With Howard Stern Is A Gut-Punch

The music industry was saddened and shocked to learn that Audioslave and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell died last night at 52. The official medical examiner report has confirmed that Cornell committed suicide by hanging, and his bandmates and the world at large have been mourning him today, particularly heartbreaking is to watch footage of his final show with the band from last night.

But an earlier moment in Cornell’s life has also come up today, an interview he did with Howard Stern ten years ago where he talks about Kurt Cobain’s suicide. The entire interview is a great listen for those who are taking comfort in immersing themselves in his life’s work, but in the light of Cornell’s own choice to end his life, the comments he makes about Cobain are particularly heartbreaking:

“We weren’t that close,” Cornell answered, when Stern questioned him about whether or not Cobain’s death impacted him. “I’d had friends die before that. The way that he did it was kind of a twist, but other than that, I’d been through it before. But it’s a shame, and it’s a shame for his daughter, for one, and it’s a shame for fans. But really it’s a personal thing, and it was a drag. I wish it didn’t happen. And I also think like if he had just kind of hung on for six months, six months later he could’ve been a completely different guy.”

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