How Christie Brinkley Helped David Bowie And Iman Have A Child

After David Bowie’s death on Monday, many artists have reached out to tell the world about how the rock legend affected their lives and what he meant to them. We’ve heard about the inspiration and innovation that he passed on to the current generation of artists, but on Tuesday, Christie Brinkley shared an Instagram post detailing how she helped Bowie and his wife, Iman, start a family.

The post is a beautiful picture of Bowie, his wife Iman and their then-infant daughter Alexandria. Brinkley’s post details the problems the couple was having when they were trying to conceive a child. She says that in Iman’s home country of Somalia, legend has it that if you are having trouble conceiving, you have to hold a baby for a day. So Christie Brinkley lent Iman her child, Sailor, to hold from sun up to sun down. Soon after, Iman became pregnant with the couple’s first child, Alexandria, after seven years of trying.

“So beyond her great beauty and business savvy, and beyond Bowie’s music and art, I always felt a sweet connection to this stunningly gorgeous and creative couple,” Brinkley says. The post ends with Brinkley sending her condolences to Iman and Alexandria for the “untimely and unbearable” loss of their husband and father, respectively.

(Via The Today Show)