Watch Christina Grimmie’s Final Music Video, ‘Without Him”

This past June, singer-songwriter and former The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie was tragically shot and killed following a performance in Orlando. Today, we see the release of “Without Him,” which will more than likely be her final music video. “Without Him” is the fourth and final track from her visual EP, Side A, to receive a video, and it is the final act of an ongoing story.

The video series, which began with “Deception,” “Snow White,” and “Anybody’s You,” tells a continuing story entitled The Ballad Of Jessica Blue, which centers on a young musician played by Grimmie. In it, she is worried about playing a major showcase, while also learning that her boyfriend is cheating on her. This clip tells the culmination of the story, where she finally confronts her boyfriend about his affair. The emotion on display in the video is incredibly affecting, especially in the context of her death. As a result, parts of this video can be pretty hard to watch. Still, it ends on a triumphant note, as Jessica’s performance is a huge success.

“Without Him” will, in all likelihood be the last we ever hear from Christina Grimmie. It’s a stark reminder of just how much talent she had. It’s a shame we’ll never get to see how her career would have developed.

(Via MTV)

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